Friday, October 5, 2007


Most days are good. Some are not. And yet I usually just take the good with the bad and keep on going. Today is different. Today, October 5th, 2007, is the first time when I have actually just wanted to quit traveling. This is not a good sign as it is currently only 7:28 a.m. and I have only been up for an hour and a half. Nonetheless, this is exactly the mood I am in as I start my day. I went to bed pretty grumpy last night, but with hopes that a good night's sleep would cheer me up.

Instead, I awoke, showered and then began packing laundry only to discover that I had lost a pair of underwear. "How?" you ask does losing a pair of underwear put me in such an awful mood that my first instinct was to go get on a plane? Well...that story really begins three days ago with the amazing rebirth of my iPod (which had not worked for about 6 weeks), and the subsequent loss of my iPod charger all in a 24 hour period. After leaving my iPod charger in Leon, I have since lost my flashlight (no idea where), and now a pair of underwear (again no idea where. I was wearing them when I got to Granada and now they are gone.). The fact that losing a pair of underwear could be so detrimental to my state of well being might also have something to do with the fact that these are not simply underwear. They are one of three pairs that I had (now I have two), each pair costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 dollars. Losing one of my most expensive and most prized possesions (they are sooooo comfy) has really caused my already dampened spirits to become more soaked than damp. What now???? I don't know...I will head to class, study Spanish, eat lunch, and all the while I will be missing my underwear. Despite the fact that I have a wonderful family, partner, and friends none of them ever gave me the same support that these underwear provided.

R.I.P. Black Pair


Jacob said...

you never asked for that kind of support


rulajean said...

Hi August,
I'm a bonderman from '06. I also lost a pair of black underwear, and was mortified because I was certain I had left them (dirty) in the spare bedroom of the host I had been staying with. I also only had three pairs, and so was then down to two. But don't lose hope! A few weeks later I discovered them in the deepest darkest corner of my pack.

Also, the whole being alone for 8 months thing does get easier. Really. I even miss it.

Suerte, Rula

Erin said...

Yes, I lost some black underwear on my trip too. It seems to be a bonderman theme. I know from Jenny's blog that she wanted to flyl home from Argentina after loosing a bra. I also lost my most prized socks (seriously, best socks ever) but I made the hostel go track down the laundry guy, find them and get them back to me before my 8 am bus. Yes, the bonderman can make one a little crazy too.