Saturday, November 3, 2007

24 hour observations

I have been in Kathmandu for 24 hours now. I am still really messed up on sleep and such, but I wanted to record my initial feelings about Kathmandu. More specifically, I want to record my thoughts about Thamel district as I have not been away from it yet. Please recognize that these are only initial observations that I am drawing broad generalizations from.

1. The people here are overpolite. I saw overpolite because I feel treated like royalty (i.e. I am loved to my face but I feel it is insincere.)

2. Kathmandu is very very very polluted. I don't think this observation will change.

3. The poverty level in this country is unlike anything I have seen so far. Nicaragua and Guatemala were very poor countries. Yet this is a new level of poverty. It is truly heartbreaking to see peope living like this. Sadly, I recognize that there is nothing I am currently doing, or have previously done that makes one damn bit of difference. The world produces enough food to feed everyone. Why are we not doing it, and how can I change that????????? Two questions that have been running through my head all day long.

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