Monday, March 9, 2009

The suppression of dreams (by an overpowering stench of urine)

Cartagena was the dream. It was always the dream. It was the dream before I had ever heard of the Bonderman Fellowship, before I traveled through Central America, before Asia. For me this trip was about one city, Cartagena.

Arriving in Cartagena after the worst-bus-ride-ever (see last post), I was tired, cranky, and hungry. It was time to decompress and enjoy the "Fairy Tale City of Magic" (as it had been dubbed by the LP).

What I found was a city over run by tourists, where I was constantly harassed by all manner of, what I would call, pushers. However, instead of pushing drugs it was taxis, hotels, water, restaurants, etc. And then there was the overpowering smell of urine. Was I back in Asia again?!? And, BALLS, was it ever hot out!!

Half broken hearted, half furious with the situation, I was about to have a melt-down when a solution presented itself. Medellin, the land of eternal spring. Within 24 hours the dream had changed completely (funny how that can happen when you are traveling), now my sights are set on Medellin and the university there, where, I have been told by numerous people, I will encounter friendly people, clear Spanish, a gorgeous outdoor playground filled with all sorts of possibilities, and only a few whities hopping around.

I fled Cartagena yesterday for the beach, where I find myself writing this post. Unfortunately this particular beach town (which technically speaking lacks a beach) is filled with far more whities than Colombians, and there are barefoot hippies everywhere! Someone tell these guys to put some fucking shoes on!! AHHHHHHH!!! I'm losing it.


natalie gordon said...

You are a freaking hippie :)

Jacob said...

I just listened to a story about a couple who biked across Colombia. Their description of Medellin was amazing, you should have a great time there.

dan said...

I wish I was barefoot in Columbia.

Instead, I'm surrounded by whities and the wind chill is -25F.

And in addition to that I'm at work...suck it up big guy.

Wandering Pugilist said...

If you go to Medellin stay in a place called "Casa Kiwi". Paul, the owner, is from Seattle and is one cool ass guy. Also, tell him I said hello. And Luis, a Mexican guy with dreads. Tell him "Samurai" gives him well-wishes.

Jesse Colten said...
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