Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eat your heart out...

Despite my initial misgivings about Utila and it's touristy atmosphere here are the facts.

1. I am learning to scuba dive.
2. I spent all afternoon lying in a hammock and reading a book.
3. I am on an island in the Carribean, which means the water is amazing.
4. A Mai Tai costs about $1.65 from one of the coolest bars I have ever seen!

Back to my hammock. Or maybe I will get a Mai Tai. It's early but what the hell I am on vacation from traveling (i.e. a vacation from my vacation. I might take a vacation when I finsh traveling (i.e. vacation) as well. Maybe somewhere I have not been yet!)


Anonymous said...


I am convinced that a hammock in a great location, a good book & liquid refreshment are one of life's finer combinations.

BTW, Zane says 'hi'

Book recommends in email.



Mark said...

Wow, you have it tough, when you get back and under way again, we are going go plan a trip to some of those cool spots that you have blogged about, I will even pay for you to have your own 7 dollar sweet (no joke!). You have to show me outside of the U.S. it would be a blast to hit some of the best of the areas that you rant about... not so much of the bad, of the ugly, but definitly the best. I get vaca re-up in early December, and will be asked to take some of it in later Jan, and Feb.