Monday, August 20, 2007

By Popular Demand

OK, OK!! After the emails and comments I have decided to drop the vulgarity from my blog posts. However, I must point out that I am a product of the public school system so my vocabulary is rather limited (especially when it comes to expressive adjectives).

I apologize to all who were offended. Please send me some of your favorite expressive adjectives and I will start using them from now on.


Divya said...

that makes me sad. i hope censorship isn't going to take a toll on the honesty and trueness of your voice, which is what i've been loving about this blog!

Mark said...

I agree with divya, but for the older crowd i understand that they just think that profanity is lack of vocabulary. This is not entirely true, its how we express our mood and situtions. For example, if he is in a really grungy part of town, he should say ive had enough of this shithole (pardon my lack of vocab). Can we have a vote? :D

August Flanagan said...

HMMM.... Quite the dillema.

I will reserve the right to express myself in my usual manner when absolutely necessay. For example when talking about Subway and H2s.

The man can't keep me down for long!!!!!

DeAnn said...

For the record, I was just teasing you - no offenses taken. But definitely don't censor yourself (though you can always appease the masses by creativity?), especially when describing hot steaming banana bread. Mmmmm.