Friday, August 10, 2007

Ummm I can´t understand anyone...

So apparently, unbeknown to me, they speak a different language in Guatemala. Someone told me it is called Spanish and apparently to communicate you need to learn it. I have been getting by by making weird guttural noises and hand gestures. Usually after a few minutes whoever I´m talking to just realizes that I am completely hopeless and takes pity on me. I spent yesterday in Tikal and had a wonderful time. I´m in Flores and enjoying life on the road. The first three days were pretty awful, I was missing home, completely isolated (don´t ever get stuck in Chetumal, worst town ever), and just plain miserable. As I was reaching Flores the bus suddenly pulled over and the driver shouted ´Tikal, Tikal´. I was exhausted but for some reason I just was compelled to get off the bus, grab my pack, and hop in a van headed to Tikal. Apparently my bold move empowered three other travelers to make the same split second decision, and once we hit Tikal the four of us sat back had a cold beer and suddenly life was good again. Since then I have relaxed, recharged, and am as happy as anyone with a lot of time and no worries could be. In other words I am REALLY FUCKING HAPPY (sorry grandma and Bonderman folks, but you´ll have to get used to the language. I will try to put up disclaimers when I start talking about my bowel movements.)!! Well hopefully I can post pics of Tikal soon, but now I need to go decide what I am doing for the weekend. I really want to go to Semuc Champey but it will be expensive and crowded over the weekend, so I might go to Poptun, though I´m not sure what I would do there. Hasta luego (I think that means something in this ¨Spanish¨ I keep hearing about).

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Semuc Champey looks fantastic. Just Googled around in it and suspect accommodations at reasonable prices could be available.

As for your language, clean it up. Demonstrate your good breeding.